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How do you maintain an e-scooter?

By Mano Pinto January 10, 2023


To ensure that your e-step remains in the right condition, it naturally needs the right maintenance. But what kind of maintenance and how should it be done exactly? We explain that in this blog.


Why do you have to carry out maintenance on an e-step?

By regularly maintaining your electric scooter, you prevent possible dangers and you can continue to rely on the performance of your scooter. You avoid major cost items and you may be able to carry out minor maintenance yourself.


Maintenance tips for your electric scooter

  1. Charge it regularly (not  less than 10% and at least 50%).
  2. Check the tire pressure 
  3. Avoid driving in the rain or snow as much as possible.
  4. Check the bolts and screws.
  5. Keep the scooter clean. 


    The battery 

    What you will have to deal with the most in the field of maintenance of an electric scooter is the care of the battery. Incorrect use and bad charging habits can significantly shorten the life of the battery. We explain how you can get the full power and life from the battery.

    Use the official charger, an unofficial charger can damage the battery. So don't save on the charger because cheap can be expensive.

    Leave the battery not drain completely, for a longer battery life, we recommend that you never let the battery run down completely. Always try to keep the battery above 10% (ideally above 50%). 

    Do not charge the battery longer than necessary, maintains the charging time specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding this charging time may result in overheating of the battery.

    Charge the battery before storing the scooter for a longer period of time, z
    Make sure the battery is charged at least 50% before you put it away. The manufacturers themselves recommend charging the battery at least once every 30 days during long periods of inactivity.

    Avoid extreme temperatures, the batteries in the e-scooters do not respond well to extreme heat or cold. These temperatures strain the battery and prevent it from charging efficiently.


    Tire pressure

    The correct pressure on the tires is essential for your driving style. Always check the recommended tire pressure (usually around 35-50 psi or 2.5-3.5 bar). Never exceed the maximum pressure allowed by the manufacturer. We will discuss the consequences of incorrect tire pressure below. 


    Lower tire pressure than recommended:
    1. Your speed is not optimal.
    2. Less rolling resistance.
    3. Your battery runs out faster.
    4. Unnecessary costs for new tires.
    5. Greater chance of damaging the rims.


      Higher tire pressure than recommended:
      1. Steering can become more dangerous.
      2. Chance of an uncomfortable ride.
      3. Unnecessary costs for new tyres. 
      4. Risk of a tear occurring in the tire while driving


        Rain and snow

        The housing of an electric scooter often has a protection class of IP54. This means that the e-step is resistant to "water splashes" and is therefore not completely waterproof. There are many cables on an electric scooter that run from the handlebars to the inside of the base. In other words, the housing can be splash-proof, but as long as there are openings in the scooter where moisture can enter, it is a considerable risk to go out with your scooter in the pouring rain. Water ingress can lead to defects.


        The bolts and screws

        Check the bolts and screws of your e-scooter every so often. It is possible that they become loose due to vibrations. Tighten these piece by piece so that your scooter stays firmly together and you do not run any unnecessary risk.
        In short, it is important that you regularly check your e-scooter on certain points for maintenance. This is to avoid unnecessary costs and to ensure that your scooter continues to work properly. By performing maintenance you can continue to rely on the performance of the scooter.
        More questions about maintenance? Then please contact the customer service and your questions will be answered.


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