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5 beginner tips for using an E-scooter

By Indy Teunissen March 17, 2023

You buy your first electric scooter but you have no experience yet. The question then is how you can best use an electric scooter. In this blog you can read 5 beginner tips for riding an e-step.


1. Provide suitable protection

It's smart to wear protective accessories that are appropriate for your riding style and journey. Think of a helmet, pants with long legs, a shirt with long sleeves and closed shoes. You can also expand it with, for example, knee or elbow protection, but you will not need this in most cases.


2. Read the manual

It is very important that you learn how to use your scooter before riding. Read the manual of the scooter for this. You can read where the parts such as the throttle lever, folding mechanism and on/off button are located and what the functions of the display are. It is good to first test the scooter in a safe environment without obstacles. This way you can understand how the throttle feels, for example.


3. Perform a basic check

It is useful to check whether your scooter is in good condition before each trip. Check:

  1. Whether the tires are properly inflated to the correct pressure.

  2. That the folding mechanism is in place and locked.

  3. Whether the brakes are properly adjusted.

  4. Whether the scooter does not make any unusual noises.

  5. Whether the battery is sufficiently charged.

Also make sure you have a bag with extra items such as anti-puncture fluid and a pump for a long ride.


4. Have good posture

Pressing the on/off button, putting one foot on the deck, kicking off and accelerating is all it takes to start your scooter. If it's your first time on an e-scooter you need to have a good posture. You do this by placing one foot (usually the non-dominant one) in front of the other. Some people like to ride with their feet together, but then you are less stable and unable to shift your weight in the right way to balance properly.


5. Use your weight when braking

Shift your weight back and down as you brake hard. When you brake hard, bend your knees and shift your weight back over your back leg - as if you were about to sit down. With two brakes, most of the braking force comes from the front brake. Therefore use both brakes. In an emergency stop, you should straighten up as much as possible before applying the brake.


Everything at a glance

In the beginning it takes some getting used to when you ride an e-step. Safe protection, enough information and a good attitude make your ride easier. Thanks to these tips you are ready to go!


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